The California Club Private Label 30 Year Blended Scotch

The California Club Private Label 30 Year Blended Scotch


This fine scotch comes from one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland dating back to the 15th century. The magnificent water source is from the surroundings of Ochil Hills, drawn from the Danny Burn with layers of Basalt and Red sandstone. The clear water that runs through them will have taken fifteen years to reach the Danny Burn.

Originally, the blenders in Scotland made certain that single malts made up to 75% of any blend, but unfortunately, today’s blended whiskies rarely contain even 20% single malt. This exceptional 30 year blend recaptures the original spirit and vision of the early distillers, featuring 75% single malt and 25% single grain. Our 30 year barrel-aged Scotch whiskey is finished in sherry casks for an additional 8 months to bring out notes of butterscotch, leather, spices and hints of baked apple and cinnamon.

538, located inside The California Club in DTLA is a destination for world class libations. Our shop has been in the same location since the repeal of the Volstead Act in 1933. During recent renovation of 538, after removing a wooden panel, a hidden metal sliding door was uncovered. It is believed to be the secret door where allegedly alcohol was brought in and has been kept secret for 80 years! Today, the newly restored ‘Prohibition Door’ is used for delivering goods directly to your car.

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