Bernard Louberssac       

A Parisian 

of Toulouse   origin

Chef by training: The magic of the orange red flames dancing and singing to the smell of wood smoking pigeons, rabbits, and ducks as the fat drippings penetrated the farm’s freshly picked vegetables being roasted below. Accompanied with bottles of local wine, this organic symphony and orchestration defined as the “Pleasures of the Table” is Bernard’s theme in life. His extensive wine knowledge of the old world wines is complimented with his expertise in food paring for a grand gastronomic experience.

For Bernard, becoming a chef started right after his service in the French Navy. It was 1977 when he began his apprenticeships in, Paris, Toulouse, and Aix en Provence, before joining Accor and headed for California, to open The Ma Maison Sofitel. He later worked with Chef Jean Francois Meteigner at the Relais Chateau L’Orangerie. From there, Bernard went on to open the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena before joining Nikko Inflight as an Executive Chef.

Bernard’s love for wine brought him to team with the oldest french wine importer in California. The transition was seamless as wine had been an integral part of his personal daily life as well as in the culinary institution of food pairing. The experience as a wine purveyor allowed him to demystify the wine culture and give the consumer the confidence to be a wine lover.