2014 Grechetto by Sportoletti - 538 Wine Notes

The Assisi DOC area in Umbria was founded in 1997. Initially renown for extra-virgin olive oil, the area saw its wine-producing potential acknowledged. Though thought to be of Greek origin, based on the name, Grechetto is one of the few native varieties of this region and grapes give always birth to a structured and high-quality wine. It can be used in blending with Chardonnay to add herbal and nutty notes, we find it here unblended. The Sportoletti winery produces Grechetto since its foundation, showing a genuine passion for these regional grapes. 

The Sportoletti family has been passionately dedicated to producing wine in Umbria for generations. In the late 1970s, brothers Ernesto and Remo turned their attention exclusively to winemaking. With great reverence for the teachings of their father Vittorio, they began to bottle wines under their own label. From that point on, they began a long journey in pursuit of the perfect balance between innovation and tradition, endeavoring to unleash the full potential of their terroir – situated on the hills between Spello and Assisi – where they now own 20 hectares of vineyards from which they produce an average of 200,000 bottles per year.

In 1998, the company decided to join forces with the highly esteemed agronomic and oenological consultant, Riccardo Cotarella, thus marking the start of a highly successful professional collaboration as well as a valued friendship. They regularly replant their vines and cultivate them using the spur pruning system and high density planting. With 5,000 vines per hectare, they are able to control the number of buds and consequently the productivity of the vines. For the reserve wines, a first harvest of the grapes is carried out while the grapes are just beginning to ripen, in order to obtain an average yield of 1 Kg of grapes per plant. Vines currently cultivated include the indigenous Grechetto, for which they chose the G5 clone, a lower yielding yet more characteristic and concentrated strain.

The wine has an intense straw yellow, delicate scents of jasmine, white peach and golden apple. It is spiced and smooth in the mouth, with a finish of mineral hints and a slight touch of fresh mint. 

aris hovsepian