2015 Falanghina Terredora DiPaolo - 538 Wine Notes

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Falanghina is a grape that has been used in making wine on the Campanian coast north of Naples since ancient times. According to lore, it’s origins are Greek. The flavor occupies a sort of middle ground between Greco and Fiano. It borrows some of the piney fragrance of Fiano and some of the juiciness of Greco to create a refreshing, mostly coastal white. 

Falanghina from Irpinia, not too far from the Campanian coast, is perfect for those who like a crisp, dry white with a bit of extra qualities. I find lemons, tarragon, vinaigrette, and a hint of pine. The color is pale yellow. Scents of rich fruit aromas with hints of apple, pineapple and pear. The vineyards are still at 1400 to 1800 foot elevations, on cliffs and hillside above the coast on calcareous clay soils, as well as volcanic soils around Mount Vesuvius. The grapes were harvested during the middle of October in 2015 after a warm even summer. Though it is increasingly fashionable, Falanghina isn't yet planted much outside Campania. There is a little in Puglia and Abruzzo, but as yet no international production. California allowed the grape to be planted in 2014 but they are not yet matured to produce decent berries. Falanghina is often blended with other indigenous Italian varieties, or produced as a sweet passito wine, but varietal expressions of this interesting grape are becoming more popular.

Falanghina a storied past as a varietal in the grape variety behind Falernian, the most famous wine of Roman antiquity and the inspiration for Falerno del Massico. There has been a renaissance of interest in Falanghina since the turn of the century, and there is now a movement to restore the reputation of this once-venerated grape.

 “Subtle aromas of dried peaches and lemons follow through to a full body and lots of fruit, but there’s a tangy, electric, vibrant finish of edgy acidity. Excellent. One of the best Falanghinas out there. Drink now. -James Suckling 92 points”

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